TDSP provides a variety of wireless solutions that create long-lasting relationships with wireless clients on a global scale. Our first priority is client satisfaction and the best end user experiences on the fastest and most reliable networks.



• HetNet

• Small Cell


• WiFi




•  Core Installation for Central/MTSO offices (Ericsson, Cisco)

•  RAN Install/Integration (Ericsson, Alcatel, Cisco, Nokia)

•  Microwave install/Integration (Alcatel, Dragonwave)

•  Fiber install/Splicing/Integration (Ericsson, Corning, Alcatel)

•  Small Cell Install/Integration (Ericsson, Cisco, Lemko)

•  WiFi Install/Integration (Cisco, Lemko)

•  Tower Climbing Certifications (Gravtech, Comtrain, Sprat)

•  First Aid

•  OSHA 10/30

•  FAA certified

•  FCC certified

•  Sweep and PIM Certification (Anurisu, Fluke, SiteMaster)

•  Optimization Certified (TEMS)


Employee Training

TDSP provides employees with the training needed to do their jobs safely. Supervisors and managers are given tools to help them adhere to the specific safety programs. TDSP strives to create new and innovative ways to remain current with evolving safety requirements by providing ongoing safety updates and reinforcing safe work practices.

Job Safety and Hazard Analysis

TDSP personnel review all jobs during the pre-construction phase and daily before the start of work.

OSHA Compliance

TDSP has developed comprehensive safety programs to comply with OSHA requirements. All TDSP employees receive OSHA 10 Hour Training and are provided with job specific training as required.

Site Safety Audits

Site Safety Audits are performed by the TDSP' Management Team at all levels. These audits are compiled and analyzed and the information used to evaluates TDSP safety training effectiveness and the safety of our Subcontractors. They also provide an opportunity to educate employees and subcontractor's personnel on safety issues on a real time basis further enhancing the safety factor.



• TDSP is committed to quality. Our objective is to safely deliver 100 percent complete construction projects that meet all contract and customer expectations the first time, every time. Our commitment to quality means:

• Every TDSP employee is responsible for fully implementing and complying with all provisions of the TDSP quality system.

• Our quality standards meet or exceed all applicable regulations, codes, industry standards, and manufacturer specifications as well as with our customers' contract and individual requirements.

• We stand behind our work. We inspect every work task to assure conformance to the project requirements. Should problems be found, we correct them.

• We are always improving. All employees receive regular training to make systematic improvements to remove quality risks and enhance quality performance.

• We conduct our work with dignity and respect for the customer, our subcontractor and supplier partners, and ourselves.